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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Society has a more profound influence on ones development than family Maya Maya Angelou was the narrarotor of her memoir and she showed the readers what it was like to grow up in south as a black woman. If growing up is painful for the Southern Black girl, being aware of her displacement is the rust on the razor that threatens the throat (Angelou 4). Society has a more profound influence on ones development than family because of the racist environment and how that shaped her. Because of the south Maya feels like she isnt as good as whites and she is really self conscious about her appearance. Maya notes how in San Francisco life was much different and although there was raicsm there was still more oppurtunity. "The receptionist called me to her desk and shuffled a bundle of papers to me. They were job application forms. She said they had to be filled in triplicate. I had little time to wonder if I won or not" (Angelou 269). John GifasCameron Piccirillo "Wouldn't the be surprised when one day I woke out of my black ugly dream, and my real hair, which was long and blond, would take the place of the kinky mass that Momma wouldn't let me straighten?(Prologue Angelou) This is showing that Society is shaping Mayas views of beauty and making her self conscious about her appearance. Society is shaping Mayas personality and making her fierce, making her desire to achieve her goals and do what other southern black women have given up on or have not tried.
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