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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mulan One:Mulan is geting ready for corination and she finds out her dad has to fight in a battle. Two:Mulan couldn't let he dadFight in that battle so Mulan knew what she had to do FIGHT!!!! for him Three:Mulan was ready andshe did everything tolook like her fatherMulan had to convinceher sidekick Mushu to be quite. Four: Mulan was ready she has trained and practice riding a horse now all she has to do is sneak out. Five:Mulan is going to the war and she is readyONe thing she did forget was that she hadto talk like a man so she almost blew her cover when talking to one. Six:Mulan is ready for action sheHas her horse and everything one thingshe is really hyped to use is her sword. Seven:Mulan has won the battleher journey isn't overjust yet she still has to confess to everyone who she really is. Becuse now everyone thinks herdad went to the battle. Eight:When its time before she can say anything everyonealready knew what was goingon. But Mulan thought that no one would really notice her gone. Nine:Mulan has returned home andis ready to rest and is readyto relax from the battle but now she has to face the consequences. Ten:Mulan is ready for hernext mission and shehas done what she was expected from her and did what her dad wouldhave done Eleven:Mulan has recovered form the battle and is readyto be crowned she was thanked billionsof times for what she didand everyone washappy Twelve:Mulan has went home andeverything is back to normal her dad isn'tupset and the town has accepted what she did.
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