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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The GOVERNAMENT of SYSTEM POLITICA STRUCTURE ------------------------------------------------- ITALY vs USA ITALY vs USA Legislative * SENATE * CHAMBER OF DEPUTIES 315 senators - chosen by: - terms:- powers: general election 5 years write new laws, elect a part of justice and vote the confidence of the new government * SENATE 630 deputies 2 from each state - chosen by: - terms:- powers: * HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES state election write new law, sets federal taxes and approves presidential appointments 6 years state election - chosen by: - terms:- powers: overrules presidential vetoes, approves treaties, declares war, impeaches a president 2 years ------------------------------------------------------------------ Executive * THE PRESIDENT - chosen by: - terms:- powers: 7 years parliamentary elections enforces federal laws, appoints and remove high federal officials, conduct foreign affairs and approve or vetoes new law 4 years general election - chosen by: - terms:- powers: * THE PRESIDENT established general policies, issues, decree, lawsin case of urgencyor under parliament delegation 5 years prime minister election - chosen by: - terms:- powers: *PRIME MINISTER appointing the prime minister, promulgatinglaws and decrees * INDEPENDENT AGENIES no set terms presidential appointment - chosen by: - terms:- powers: conduct the administration of the national governmentregulation no set terms presidential appointment - chosen by: - terms:- powers: * EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS - terms:- powers: *COURT OF CONSTITUTION Judicial ------------------------------------------------------------------- help carry out policy,provide special services - chosen by: - terms:- powers: *SUPREME COURT is independent fromother powers, apply laws toparticular cases - powers: 15 judge *JUDICIARY interprets laws and ascertain to the constitution 9 years interprets laws according tothe constitution and maydeclare actions of the Executive and Legislative branches unconstitutional life 9 justices presidential appointment decide cases that involve the Constitution and federal laws life presidential appointment - chosen by:- terms:- powers: *LOWER FEDERAL COURTS --------------------------------------------------------------------- SARA GIACOMIN 5^D double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. REFERENCES: business globe - commerce, economy and culture book
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