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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When Will The Heaven Begin? 1 Year Old 1 Year Old -Ultrasound done to Ben-Condition know as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy- difficult for Ben's heart to Pump blood-HCM-NO cure By: Ally Breedlove 16 Years Old 16 Years Old - Professional wake board lessons from Billy Garcia and Chase Hazen.-Broke his leg-Summer of 2010-heart thunped for 9 days straight-missed school- used implanted defibrillator to shock heart back to normal Youtube Youtube -Friend Justin and Ben made a youtube channel-"Our Advice For You"-60,000 subscribers-Ben self employed himself to get to the next level in his youtube career Christmas Christmas -Got presents-Ben and Jake go outside-"Ben doesn't feel good"-Jake-CPR done by Deanne-Took Ben to the hospital-No heart beat found-Ben died December 25, 2011 -Ally said " Ben really got the best Christmas gift...eternal heaven."-1,500 people at Gateway church for memorial service "I Do" "I Do" "Do you believe in Angels or God?"-BenI chose this quote because it describes the whole book.Ben made his youtube channel so he could talk about believing in God.This quote is from his last youtube post. He posted it a week before he died, and the last picture was of Ben holding a card that said the quote, and on the back of the card it said "I Do". Interesting Facts Interesting Facts - The title of the book comes from a song called "Mr. Ranger".-Ben cheated death 4 times.-Ben was not allowed to have caffeine or sweets when he was young.-Summer of 1998, Ben's parents went hiking and left Ally their to watch him.-Jeep, locked doors, ate trail mix and M&MS. Summary Summary The book i chose to read for the marking period 3 book project is"When Will The Heaven Begin." The book starts off with Ben beingborn. He was born on August 8, 1993. At 12 month old Ben had a heart murmur, and it wasn't stopping. When Ben got older he made a youtube channel with his friend Justin. Ben's family has an annual trip to Destin, Florida. Throughout Ben's life his condition got worse. He could no longer walk from school to his car to go home. So when Ben had really bad days his little brother,Jake, was there to help Ben.Ben died on Christmas day. He died on December 25, 2011. Ben reallygot the best gift of all, eternal heaven.
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