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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Yes, for sure get the flu vaccine, it can lower the severity of it and it's symptoms, it can decrease the likelihood of hospitalization, and the flu is getting worse, so major protection is needed Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources The Flu Vaccine,Should people get it? THE MAIN POINTS Right now about 20%of the America has the now how many people do you think got the shot? Well or healthy people Sick with influenza 1. Can lower severity of symptoms 80% How many people are sick? 20% FLU symptoms include:Fevers that can get higher than100 degrees A cough and a sore throat A runny or stuffy noseHeadaches and or body achesChillsFatigueNausea, vomiting, and or diarrhea Now please tell me who wants to feel these horrible symptoms? getting flu shot can help lower the severity of the virus (1) 2. Getting the vaccine can protect all familiesand the community from getting sick too Who gets the flu shot? Gets the flu shot 40% Doesn't get shot 60% Over half ofAmerica does not get the flu shot! People lie and say thatthe flu isn't all that bad, but once that person getsit he or she will never trust that personagain (2) (1) ( (2) ( (3)( (4) my dad Te flu can also leadto even more serious things such as ear infections, sinus infections, and pneumonia (2) get it because it can protect families and can also protect the community (4) 3. The flu virus is getting worse, so the shot is needed to protect from this new bug Help protect kids and elderly people from this horrible virus, get a flu shot! the flu is a serious infectious disease that provides complications, most in young children and older adults, and and the symptoms are hard to deal with . (1) This year's flu virus is circulating, the bugis getting worse, andthe shot is needed toprotect from thesenew strains. (3) The flu is definitelya very high contagious virus, so get the shotand wash those hands! (4) The flu can be spread by just a shake of a hand Getting the flu shotcan decrease therisk of hospitalization, if gotten the flu (4) Don't end up here! Stay healthy, happy, and get the flu shot today! The flu hurts, with all of it's horrible symptoms, and bad outcomes. The only real way to protect our bodies' from this virus is to get the flu shot! trust me, this virus is badit is filled with pain, and more. Be on team HEALTHY, and GET A FLU SHOT! Karlee GotaasPeriod: 3/4 Date: Feb 17, 12015
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