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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Imitation Game Act One (1-20mins) (Begining) 1951, Alan Turing's house has been robbed. Detective Nock investigates the case. (Inciting Incident) (Characters foundation) arrogant, unsociable. 1931, the war between England and Germany. Meets Commander Denniston, Royal Navy.Enigma, the greatest encryption device.159 million million million possible settings. (Inciting Incident) (Plot point 1)18-20mins' Meets decoding teamMeets Stewart Menzies, M16 Denniston Nock Menzies Hugh John Jack Turing begins to design his own machine Act Two (20-87mins) (Obstacle) Huge denies Turing's requistion for fundding and equipment.The decoding team file a formal complaint to Turing (Characters reaction) Writes a letter to Winston ChurchillBecomes in charge (Obstacle) 1928, Turing was bullied in high schoolChristopher helped him.Become best friends. Turing learned that "people like violence, it is because it feels good. Human finds violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, the act becomes hollow." (Main message) (Ascending action) Turing recruits new members. Joan Clake joins the team. Help improving the relationship Joan Midpoint(Big twist 54-58mins) Commander Denniston stops all the funding, the machine and fire Turing.Hugh and other teammates stand behind Turing.Detective Nock finds that Turing is a homosexual. (Crisis) Joan is going to leave.Turing asks her to stay.He proposes to Joan. (Plot point 2)72-78mins' Helen inspires Turing.Get the key to break Enigma.Successfully decode the first messageHave to keep it secreat " M Y M S A I C T R I S O A Y R I " British wins the war.John is a Soviet agent.Turing comes out and brutally hurts Joan.The decoding team dismiss. (Build up to climate) (Climate of Act three) 99-106mins' Act Three (90-110mins) Turing is sentenced for indecency.Either 2 years in prison or hormonal therapy.Recall his first loved Christopher.Name his machine as Christopher. Choose chemical castration.Joan visits and comfrorts Turing Bring out that "Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine." (Wrap up) (Main message) (End) After 2 years of government-mandated hormonal therapy, Alan Turing committed suicide on June 7th, 1954. He was 41 years old. Alan Turing Peter Young Turing Christopher Helen Detective Nock
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