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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dear Readers,A new beginning brings in freshness, new hopes and new goals,A new dawn brings in a new ray of light,A new born creates new hopes, the new season blooms new set of flowers and so onA new initiative creates appetite to achieve new milestones IFINs new initiative Panorama is a platform for people to come together and share ideas, thoughts and achievementsWhile depicting the wide view of IFINs business, culture and people. Panorama endeavours to create a symbiotic relationship between the viewer and the contributorThis inaugural edition of the quarterly magazine also marks the beginning of Financial Year 2015 -2016. The recently announced budget by the Indian Government has given rise to anticipation of more exciting times in the Indian business arena. New opportunities may get created to strengthen growth propositions in India for the International Investors. It also urges India to look overseas for incremental growth prospectsOur cover story outlines IFINs plans for FY16 in the various line of businesses Ms. Anita Ferreira, Head International Business Group, takes a deep dive as to why India should look overseas. While Mr. Murugan Sankaran, CEO IGFSL, (Middle East) deliberates on the impact of rising oil prices in the Middle East. The importance of culture in an organisation, by Mr Milind Patel - JMD and how each employee should live the culture is an interesting read. What makes Mr Rajesh Kotian DMD, look forward to more exciting times at IFIN, after spending two decades with the group, embeds the importance of a long stint with an organisationI am sure, you will enjoy, reading through this addition as much as we did bringing it togetherWith some novel ideas and sincere efforts we wish you a pleasant journey with IFIN Panorama
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