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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Finding Nemo call for adventure Nemo was a clown fishthat live with his dad in a anemone. Then he has to go to school but his dad doent want him to assistance Nemos dad Marlin need help to find Nemo because divers cam and took Nemo. Marlin finds a girl fish named Dory and helps him find his son. departure trials approach Marlin believes Nemo is dead.He tells Dory goodbye and then swims away. But, Dory rekindles Marlin hope when she finds Nemo.Nemo also has set back and doesnot get out of the fish tank. crisis Marlin needed to save dory from the jellies. THe jellfish stings Marlin and almost died but he survives and recovers. He gets help from a turtle namedCrush. treasure bhibi The result is that Dory finds Nemo and doesn't know its Nemo until he says his name. Then they start to look for marlin but can't fined him until they get trapped in a net with all the other fish and start yelling for help. They eventually they break the net and is set free to finally get to see his dad. result return Nemo and his dad marlin are back together after a danger adventure. Now they are both carful about each other. He apologizes to Nemo for not believing in him.Marlin learns to let go and believe that everything will be ok at the end. Marlin starts to look for his son. He try's to ask if theysaw a boat pass by. Then dory tells him she did. They start o find Nemo and run inton sharks. new life marlin and Nemo are beingmore careful now so itwont happen again. Nemo ismore carful when he goesto school. resolution Marlin and Nemo return safely and live happy with each other. Nemo is more carful of what he does and listens to his dad. back to status quote Nemo and Marlin live a happy lifeback in there home. Nemo goes back to school with out warring. Marlin isn't worried either becausehe trusted him.
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