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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Whole New Mind Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future Book by Daniel Pink: The Problem... America is changing, andwith it, what employers value most in anemployee. Pink proposes that the futurewill belong not to the analytic minds of yesterday but to the artists, inventors, storytellers, and other creative, "big-picture" thinkers whose talents now mark who gets ahead and who falls behind. Pulling from scientificresearch from all around the world, Pinkdetails 6 "right-brained"--but inherentlyhuman--traits that are necessary forpersonal and professional success.He then explains how to master each,preparing readers for a future that hasalready arrived. "Abundance, Asia, and Automation." As scarcitydecreases... ...People beginto search formeaning andbeauty, not strictly survival. The Problem Abundance, Asia, and Automation As scarcity decreases... People valuebeauty andmeaning ratherthan just survival The Solution "The prosperity [rational thinking] has unleashed hasplaced a premium [importance] on less rational, R-directed sensibilities: beauty, spirituality, emotion." 2 out of every 3 Americansown the home they live in. Currently, the United States has more carsthan licensed drivers. As scarcitydecreases... People beginto want beautyand meaningrather than justsurvival. Abundance, Asia, and Automation Exhibit A: Now available at Target... Michael Graves(Professor of Architecture at Princeton University] New Aptitudes New Aptitudes
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