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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MUMPS The vaccine that is preventable for mumps is the MMR & the varicella vaccine. Symptoms: Fever, headaches, muscle aches, tiredness, & also lost of appitite. Most people with mumps recover fully. Mumps can cause complications and some can be very serious. Complications with mumps include:inflammation in the testicles (only who have reached puberty) which rarely ever leads to sterility.Temporary or permanent deafness.Inflimation of the brain/tissues covering the brainor spinal cord. double click to change this header text! Basic Info of mumps! Children should get 2 dose of MMR Vaccine. First dose: 12-15 months of age, 2nd dose 4-6 years. Some adults should get MMR Vaccine. Anyone who is 18years old or orlder should at least get 1 dose of MMR. Unless theyhave proff that they have been vaccinated. Vaccine Basic Info! Pregnant woman should not get MMRV.People who are sick at the time of getting the shotis scheduled may be advised to wait until they recoverbefore getting the MMRV. . Ever had an HIV, AIDS, or another diese that effectr the immune system. Who should & shouldn't get the shot? What you should look for:Look for anything that concerns you, such assevere allergic reactions.High fevers.behavioral changes. Risk of the MMRV mild problems:Fevers (1/5)Mild Rash(1/20)Swelling of the glands Concerns & side effects. Kids with cancer shouldn't get the Vaccinatedbecause anyone in who's being treated with something else (such as treatment) the treatment has radiation and or drugs. Which cant be mixed with the MMR Alyssa QuinonesConnie Garciaf-block 3/19/15
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