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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Clinical Depression LOGO HERE BY: MASON CONERLY Clinical depression- The most severe form of depression also known as "major depression' ; must feel 5 symptomes most of the day almost every day over a 2 week period. Symptomes* Depression mood (sad or tearful*Signafigance reduce in interest in activities or feelings.*Signifigant weight loss or gain or reduced/increasced eating habbits*insomnia or more desire to sleep*slow behavior * loss of energy * trouble with decisions. double click to change this header text! 2012 SurveyOverall- 6.9%Female- 8.4%Male- 5.2 %age (18-25)- 8.9%(26-49)-7.6%(50- above)- 5.5%Hispanic-7.0%White-7.1%Black- 6.3%Asian-3.2%A/An-10.0% Treatments medication- There are a variety of diffirent medications used during the course of depression to releasce the hormone in the body that makes you feel happy. Ex: symbalta Untreated- If ignored or not treated the depression can take control often leading to self harm and suicidle thoughts. Those who go untreated have a slimmer or lesser chance of getting out of the depression. Counseling- Therapy is a common treatment often used during depression to help them feel the worth an happiness they are lacking. Often takes long periods of time. Interesting Facts * In 2012 Native americans led in victims of clinical depression*According to studies females are more likely to have depression.* Younger people showed to be more likely to have depression.
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