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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Death Penalty and its Wrongful Convictions How poorly are African Americans represented in court? When no blacks make up a jury Blacks are convicted 81%of the time if the jury poolis all white.Whites are convicted only 66% of the time in all whitejuries In a jury made up of at least one black Blacks are convited 73%of the time.Whites are convited71% of the timeif at least one blackperson is in the jury Did you know? The eligible jury population is less than 5% Black? This means that there are usually morewhites in a jury in opposition to blacks.75% of blacks in a jury pool are rejected from the jury Wrongful Convictions and How They Happen Wrongful Convictions and How They Happen In a study of 86 cases,the causes of Wrongful Convictions: Red: 45 EyeWitness Errors Red: 45 Eye-Witness Errors Pink: 29 Other Errors Pink: 29 Other Errors Green: 10 Snitch testimonies Green: 10 Snitch testimonies Yellow: 17 Government Misconducts Yellow: 17 Government Misconducts Grey: 8 False Confessions Grey: 8 False Confessions Blue: 9 Junk Science Blue: 9 Junk Science Blacks seem tobe purposely rejected from jury duty... So, how does this relate to theDeath Penalty? This graph illustratesthe total number of executions from 16082002 This graph illustratesthe total number of executions from 1608-2002 Notice how there is a sudden spark during the 1940s... This spark can be attributed to many things,however its very likely that the stem of this spark is found in segregation it's important to note that from 1900-2002, 8,355 peoplewere executed. Of those people: 4,111 were black;3,625 were white; and the remaining 394 was made up of Asians, Native Americans, and Hispanics. Also... Also... 50% of the people killed from 1900-2002 were black. Blacks have a 38% higer chance of receivingthe death penalty in comparison to peopleof another race who are tried for the same crime Why? Why? Well, in cases regardingBlack defendants vs white victimsthe chance of the death penaltyis at 0.6%. In cases regarding white defendantson black victims, the death penaltyis given 0.2%. That's a 0.4% difference While it doesn't seem like much, a difference of 0.4% is an incrediblepercentage because it isn't all too often that a case is up for the Death Penalty. what about the people who are on Death Row? Of the 3,437 people on Death Row,1,295 of them are black. (Per October 1. 2014) But But Exonerations and Death Row It's possible that being black is "worse"than some other crimes. Blacks are frequently linked with crimes, so it isn't uncommon for a black personto be punished for a crime while a white person is not committed for a crimeof the same level. This graph shows that in ANY type of crime,blacks still have a higher rate of being committedfor a crime in comparison to whites. There have been a total of 150 exonerationsin 26 different states (Per December 10,2014) The average length of time on Death Row has greatly changed. This change has occuredbecause technology has advanced allowing formore exonerations to occur, however thatrequires a longer waiting period Exonerations now occur more frequentlythanks to DNA evidence. This, however, does not mean it is common for them. Theaverage time on death row is just around 13 years now. It is only recently that exonerations have occurred. It's importantto note that during the 1940s there were no exonerations. Becauseof that, many people were wrongly convicted for crimes they didn'tcommit. By MacDowell Johnston
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