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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mulan is a girl who doesn't want her father to go to war again, so becauseof this she breaks the law and goes inhis place to fight in the war. To do this without getting caught she will dress and act how a man would. Mulan's ally Mulan's ally in the movie seems to be the little red dragon named Mushu. This dragon was sent to stop her, however, shewould not leave. So shewas stuck training at a military base learning the was ways of the samarai. MY DISNEY INFOGRAPHIC MULAN Her call to adventure The conflict started when a man sent by an emperor to recruit men fromfamilies to fight in a war.The father of Mulan was the head of the family and had already fought in one war. Departure So it was a night she gotinto an argument with herbecause she didn't wanthim to fight in a war againso she stole his armor andweapons. In the processshe took his weaponsand a horse to fight in the war. THE ENEMY The reason for war, the causeof conflict for the most part wasbecause of the people or enemy known as the Huns. These werethe people to actually get passed the Great Wall of China. Trials The big trials for Mulan wasgetting into the military baseand getting used to training. By fighting one horde of Huns she had revealed her identity. Therefore, she was to be executed. ABYSS Mulans darkest hour was most-likely when the leader of the army let her live and went to the emperors palace thinking they had a victory. Mulan went to the palace feeling she should warn the emperor. but she had to get back in shape. Ressurection Mulan rises back up and goesto the palace in an attempt towarn the emperor, however, it was to late, the huns took the emperor into the palace and she had to stop the huns. RESOLUTON After all the events Mulan andthe leader of the enemy fought,the enemy had died and Mulanhad saved the emperor so shewas shown respect throughout all of China. Treasures Mulan gained the honor shewanted for her family andthe leader of the ally's armyfell in love with her. Journey Home Mulan goes on with life andwhen she gets home she has all the experience she needs tostart a new life. Her family isproud of her and what she did. New Life Mulan finds her way back home andapparently the leader of an army fellin love with Mulan. So Mulan got married and basically like every other story live happily ever after.
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