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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rhythm Instruments Artists Popularity Its rhythm is melodic, simple and catchy. Its instruments are:the voice, the electricguitar, the electric bajo,the acustic guitar, drum machine, the synthesizer and the keyboard. Its relatedartists are:Britney SpearsMaddonaLady GagaSelena GomezJuanes It is popularin all around the world. Rhythm Instruments Artists Popularity Its Rhythm is joyful. Its instruments are:the accordion, the electric bajo, the güira, the dominican drum, the piano, theguitar, the saxofón, the trompet, the conga, the trombon and thetuba. The related artistsare: Rikarena, Wilfrido Vargas, Eddy Herrera. It is popularin Republica Dominicana,in Colombia,in Mexico. Rhythm Its rhythm isctachy, is coolto dance and is joyful. Popularity It's very popular in all around the world. Artists The related artistsin this genre are:50 CentSnoop DogEminemJay- Z Instruments Its instruments are: the guitar, the piano,the synthesizer and the electric bajo. Rhythm Its rhythm iscomes fromthe hip hopand from the reggae. It is acombinationof rhythms. Artists The related artistsof this genre are:Sean PaulShaggyDamian Marley Instruments Popularity The dancehall is popular inall around the world. Its instruments arethe rhythm box, the synthesizer,the sampler andthe electric organ. Popularity Rhythm Artists Instruments This genre ofmusic has noinstruments,It is based in a computer. Its rhythm isJoyful and vivid. Its related artistsare: Dj Tiesto and Avicci. It's very popular in Europeand in America.
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