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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The status quo of the Lion King is when Simba's father dies. This is when Scar's plan to kill Simba and his dad goes wrong. Simba's dad dies in the process of saving Simba from thestampede that Scar planned. Scar then tells him to runaway and not to come back. Simba does this and ends up inthe middle of the desert. Simba then ends upbeing found by Pumba and Timon, who raise Simba andteach him how to live in the jungle.This is Simba's training of the story. The departure of the story is when Nala comes to the junglelooking for food. When she finds Simba, sheexplains that he needs to come and save Pride Rock. The trail of the Lion King is whenSimba has to fight the Hinyas to get to Scar. He also has to confess that hekilled his father, even though Scar did. Next is the approach.This is when Simba finalygets to Scar and, after realizingScar killed his dad, fights Scaruntill he surenders. After that is the crisis.This is when Scar attacksSimba after he had surrendered.He then almost kills him bypushing him of a cliff. Simbagets saved by his friends andreturns the attack. The treasure of this storyis when Simba wins againstScar and Banishes him fromPride Rock. He then reclaimsthe throne and saves the land. The result is when Simbagets everyone together andrestores the land. He saves thewater and animals and restoresthe food chain. Simba's new life startswhen he learns theresponsibilities ofbeing a leader. He commandsas good as his father wouldhave done. And finally, the resolutionoccurs at the end. This is whenSimba starts a family and has a child. The child has a ceremony,just as Simba did. The circle of lifecontinues. The Lion King Plot Circle By Jordan Ostby
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