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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Los Angeles,Ca,USABomb:''Ivy King''-largest pure fission weapon tested by USA(500kt)Fatalities:281,730Injuries:484,420SurfaceBomb:W-76(common in USA & UK SLBM arsenal)(100kt)Fatalities:145,740Injuries:202,300SurfaceBomb:''Fat Man''-Nagasaki bomb(20kt)Fatalities:66,750Injuries:96,080Surface New York,NY,USABomb:B-61(currently in US arsenal)(340kt)Fatalities:56,970Injuries:107,560SurfaceBomb:''Little Boy''-Hiroshima bomb(15kt)Fatalities-9,690Injuries-16,530SurfaceBomb:''Gadget''-Trinity test (20kt)Fatalities:10,500Injuries:20,570Surface Paris,FranceBomb:‘’Castle Bravo’’-largest US bomb tested(15MtFatalities:3,876,940Injuries:2,746,560SurfaceBomb:Largest Pakistani weapon tested(45kt)Fatalities:199,730Injuries:415,670SurfaceBomb:Topol(SS-25)(currently in Russian arsenal)(800ktFatalities:997,440Injurie:1,499,130Surface Tokyo,JapanBomb:‘’Ivy Mike’’-first H-bomb(10.4Mt)Fatalities:3,532,720Injuries:5,918,580SurfaceBomb:Largest Indian weapon tested(60kt)Fatalities:131,300Injuries:346,570Bomb:W-88(Trident D5 warhead)(455kt)Fatalities:485,810Injuries:1,253,310 Berlin,GermanyBomb:‘’Tsar Bomba’’-largest USSR bomb designed(110Mt)Fatalities:3,113,900Injuries:724,910SurfaceBomb:North Korean weapon tested in 2006(500kt)Fatalities:660Injuries:9,260SurfaceBomb:Crude nuclear terrorist weapon (100kt)Fatalities:0Injuries:2,000Surface London,EnglandBomb:W-59(Minuteman l warhead)(1Mt)Fatalities:597,210Injuries:1,214,140SurfaceBomb:Dong Ferg-4, Chinas first deployed ICBM(3.3Mt)Fatalities:1,224,110Injuries:1,972,290SurfaceBomb:R-12(BB-4) Soviet missile , Cuban missle crisis (2.42Mt)Fatalities:995,440Injuries:1,699,540Surface Fact-‘’Ivy King’’-largest pure fission weapon tested by USA(500kt) :The enormous explosion was the 4th largest device ever tested by the U.S.W-76(common in US & UK SLBM arsenal)(100kt) : It was manufactured from 1978-1987, and is still in service as of 2015‘’Fat Man’’-Nagasaki bomb (20kt) : It was the second of only two nuclear weapons ever used in warfareB-61(currently in US arsenal)(340kt) : Contains two neutron generators ‘’Little Boy’’-Hiroshima bomb(15kt) : First of only two nuclear weapons ever used in warfare‘’Gadget’’-Trinity test(20kt) : First detonation of a nuclear weapon‘’Castle Bravo’’-largest US bomb tested(15Mt) : Led to the most significant accidental radioactive contamination ever caused by the United States.Largest Pakistani weapon tested(45kt) : Largest Pakistani weapon that was testedTopol(SS-25)(currently in Russian arsenal)(800kt) : The Topol missile, the oldest of its type still in the Russian arsenal, was said to have performed flawlessly despite having outlived by 150 percent its operational period of service.‘’Ivy Mike’’-first H-bomb(10.4Mt) : the first successful test of a hydrogen bombLargest Indian weapon tested(60kt) : It was the largest Indian weapon ever testW-88(Trident D5 warhead)(455kt) : Designed in the 1970s‘’Tsar Bomba’’-largest USSR bomb designed(110Mt) : Developed by the Soviet UnionNorth Korean weapon tested in 2006(500kt) : North Korea was the first nation to give warning of its first nuclear test(this bomb)Crude nuclear terrorist weapon (100kt) : Its 100 kiltronsW-59(Minuteman l warhead)(1Mt) : one of five nuclear weapon designs identified by researcher Chuck Hanson as using the common design Tsetse primary or first fission bomb stageDong Ferg-4, Chinas first deployed ICBM(3.3Mt) : Sufficient range to strike targets as far away as Guam, India, and the Middle EastR-12(BB-4) Soviet missile , Cuban missle crisis (2.42Mt) : Design by Soviet Union
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