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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN USA GOVERNMENTAND ITALIAN GOVERNMENT Number of representatives varies according to state populationState electionTerms: 2 yearsPowers: Approves treaties, declear war, impeaches a President Presidential appointmentNo set terms Powers: Help carry out policy. Provide special services. organization and operation of services related to justiceIs autonom Two senators from each stateState electionTerms: 6 years Powers: are writes new laws, sets federal taxes, approves presidential appointments General electionTerms: 4 yearsPowers: Enforces federal laws, the armed forces,conducts foreing affairs, approves or vetoes new laws Presidential appointmentNot set termsPowers: conduct the administration of the national Government regulations 309 senators from italy and 6 from abroadGeneral electionTerms: 5 years 618 from Italy 12 from abroadGeneral electionTerms: 5 years Parlament electionTerms: 7 yearsPowers:directs the general policyof the government and is responsible for it. Maintains the unity of political andadministrative policies,promoting and coordinatingthe activities of Ministers EXEVUTIVE SENATE HOUSE OF REPREENTATIVES PRESIDENT EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS INDEPENDENT AGENCIE SENATO CAMERA DEI DEPUTATI PRESIDENTEDEL CONSIGLIO MINISTERI MAGISTRATURA LEGISLATIVE Powers comun: Aproving new laws, electing new president, impeaching a presiden, giving confidence to governament SUPREME COURT Presidential appointmentLIfePowers: Interprets laws according to hte constitution.May declare actions of the Executiveand Legislative branches uncostitutional LOWER FEDERALCOURTS Presidential appointment LifePowers: decide cases that involve the constitution and federal laws PRESIDENTE DELLA REPUBBLICA Parlament electionTerms: 7 yearsPowers: Nominate President, check the politic, is the chef of the state JUDICIAL President electionNot have specific termsPower: Different powers such as education, environment CONSIGLIO SUPREMODELLA MAGISTRATURA Compose by 27 judesNot set termsPowers: Supervisor
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