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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rhythm Instruments Artists Popularity Its rhythm issimple, catchyand melodic. Its principal instrumentsare: the voice, the guitar(electric or acustic), the drums (it can be produceby a computer or with a person can play it). Some artists of popare: Rihanna, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez,Taylor Swift. its popularity is very high in all around the world. POP MUSIC VALLENATO Rhythm The rhythms are:the paseo, the merengue, the puya, the son and thedrum. MUSIC GENRES Rhythm INSTRUMENTS Artists Popularity Instruments Artists Popularity It is very popularin Colombia, Venezuela, Panamá and Ecuador. The principal instruments in this genre are: the acordion,the guacharaca and the vallenatabox. Some artists ofthis genre are:Silvestre Dangond,Pipe Peláez, Jorge Celedón. Its rhythms are:Cuban son, sonmontuno, afrocubanJazz, Chachacha, guaracha, mambo,pachanga, rumba andguajira. Is Very pupularin all around the world. Its principalinstrumentsare the congasthe bongosand the tumbadoras. Some artists inthis genre are:Willi Colon,Gilberto Santarrosa,Marc Anthony. Rhythm Instruments Popularity Artists The electronicmusic is joyful. It doesn´t haveany instrument,its sounds arebased in a computer. It is very popularin Europe andIn America. Artists:Dj TiestoAvicci Rhythm Instuments Artists Popularity Its rhythm isslow but isjoyful, too. Its instruments are:the guitar, the bajo,the drum and the Hammond. Its artists are:Bob MarleyBaju Banton The Reggae is popularIn alll around the world
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