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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 #WTD2015 Campaign Timeline Time Ruling- 5000 BCE - 2330 BCEImportant Ruler- GilgameshFactoid- They invented writing, and soon were using their new tool to tell complex stories and laws. Akkadians Sumerians Time Ruling- 2330 BCE-1900 BCEImportant Ruler- Naram-SinFactoid- They developed a postal service! Assyrians Ruling Time- 1900 BCE - 1792 BCEImportant Ruler- AshurbanipalFactoid- At a certain time in the Assyrians reign, women were (almost) treated equally to men. Almost. Babylonians Ruling Time- 1792 BCE-1250 BCEImportant Ruler- HammurabiFactoid- The Babylonians were bustling with business and trade. In fact, at their peak, about 200,000 people lived there! Kassites Ruling Time- 1570 BCE-1154 BCEImportant Ruler- GandashFactoid- Their sacred animalwas the horse, and they might have introduced it to Babylon. Assyrians (again) Ruling Time- 1250 BCE-550 BCE That's right! the Assyrians tookover Mesopotamia two times! Persians Ruling Time- 550 BCE-490 BCEImportant Ruler- Cyrus (the great).No, not Miley. Factoid- The Persian RoyalRoad is around 2500 km long. Greeks Ruling Time- 490 BCE- 333 BCEImportant Ruler- DemosthenesFactoid- The Greeks had twelve main gods, covering topics as diverse as grain, wisdom, war, and the underworld (among other things). Macedonians Ruling Time- 333Important Ruler- Alexander I (c. 498-454)Factoid- They were part of the Greek peninsula. This infographic shows a timeline of the rulers of Mesopotamia. I included images of artwork that I thought defined the different cultures. Enjoy!
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