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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pop Culture Many things about Pop Cultureare very beneficial and can help people be seen aroundthe world; but Pop Culture can also be very bad. Phones play a big partin the way Pop Culture is bad. Phones have a lot of social media onit which can distractpeople while they'retrying to do somethingelse which could end up having a bad outcome. Pop Culture can makeyou meet some peoplethat you didn't even knowyesterday into someonethat you will be talkingabout everyday. Pop Culture creates ways tosee other peoples talents,ideas or inventions thatcould change the world. People can also play a bad role in Pop Culture.If a famous celebrity istweeting about their nextmeet up or they tweetabout their house, peoplecan track them down and do bad things to them. Pop Culture helps byletting people know things about the weather. For example,if someone needed toknow what the weatherwas like so they would know if their flight iscanceled or not they cancheck their phone orcheck their computerand they know instantlyhow the weather is. A phone can also bea good thing in PopCulture. It can help youwith what you don't knowor don't remember, it can tell you what you needfor today because technologyhas grown dramatically andtell you about your favorite singers, basketball playersand more. The way that Pop Cultureis bad is that things aboutfamous celebrities arealways coming out to the public. Which could be veryfavorable to the celebritiesand others; but also badthings about someone canbe released that a lot of thepopulation wouldn't like.Which can lead to a badlife for the celebrity, butalso it can lead to peoplebeing mean and calling themnames or even hurting themif they see them on the streets.
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