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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Oil in our Lives History Albert Marrin Summary:Black Gold explores the significance of oil in the lives of humans. The author begins by explaining how fossil fuels were formed. He then traces the use of fossil fuels from antiquity to the present showing how humans have become increasingly dependent upon them over time. Marrin places special emphasis on the ways in which oil has played a role in political conflicts and wars throughout history. He goes on to describe the environmental consequences of fossil fuels as well as their increasing scarcity. The book concludes with a chapter describing the pros and cons of various alternative sources of energy. John D. Rock fellar 1300 1951 1980/1990 Create jobs for the local economy. pros No other energy source can move vehicles with greater speed at longer distances than oil. Use in cars, convert into -electricity-plastics -wax-sulfur-asphalt. cons Fossil fuel Integrate:Unify SeparateThings Integrate:Unify SeparateThings Meeting BasicHuman Needs Meeting BasicHuman Needs Burning oil pollute the environment by releasing CO2 and other toxic. Oil is non-renewable, which mean it will eventually run out. -It takes millions of years for fossil fuels to develop. If your house uses natural gas for cooking and heating, this is a form of a fossil fuel that lies underground usually above oil Oil leaks may occur which result in environmental disaster by killing wild life, disturbing the biodiversity of that area and it take years for cleanup. - Native americans use coal for cooking - it is a vivid example of a continuing struggle over control of resources by various factions and power interests. 1850 - new industrial emerged when refiners discovered that refiners petroleum -Mar 15, Persia nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company -Jun 24, Persian army took over nationalized oil installations. -Sep 27, Persian troops occupiedoil refinery at Abadan. - founder of standard oil company -He became the worlds most wealthiest and philanthropist in the world
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