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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder This is a disorder in which a mental health condition istriggered by experiencing or seeing a terrifying event.This disorder is most common in soldiers coming backfrom battle after seeing many people die. It can cause them to have flashbacks about it and it makes themfeel as if they are in war again. Post TraumaticStress Disorder Flashbacks are the mostcommon symptom of PTSD.It can be from bad dreams,Frightening Thoughts, etc.They can be triggered bywords, objects, and situations Symptoms Another symptom of PTSDis Avoidance of areas andplaces. People tend to avoid things that remind them of theexperience. For Example, if yourin a car crash you tend to avoidthat road. Lastly, another symptom of PTSDis being easily startled, havingangry outbursts or having troublesleeping. These outbursts usuallyhappen a lot and they can make ithard to eat, sleep, and concentrate. Who does it affect? PTSD doesn't affect anyonespecifically, it can happen toanyone at any age.It happens mostly toformer Military Members,even though it can happenbecause of Sexual Assault,abuse, accidents, disasters, etc. There are many ways to treatPTSD such as Counseling,and Medication. For counselingpeople with PTSD can go seea psychotherapist. Thetherapist has one on onesessions for 6-12 weeks. Thiswill help them cope with PTSD.The therapist helps them dealthe issue by talking about theevent and having them copewith it, People with PTSD canalso get treatment throughmedicine. They can takesertraline, which is an anti-depressant, so they candeal with the memory. If youhave PTSD and you don't treatit, it can cause you to break down and sometimes evenharm yourself. If you don't treat it, the events will just keep coming back and youwill never be able to cope with it. Treatments Interesting Facts Children have are affected differently than Adults. 1 in 5 combat veteranssuffer from PTSDPTSD can often lead to alcohol and drug abuse BY: Jack Meyer
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