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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Surviving Hitler By: Andrea Warren In the novel "surviving Hitler" by Andrea Warren explains about a teenager name Jack Mandelbaum and his struggles during the brutal Nazi death camps (concentration camps). First, Jacks father is sent away to a Nazi camp. Later on, Jack has to face that challenge as his father. Then Jack meets along some nice people that became his friends, but he never saw any of them again when he got transfered to another camp. After that confusion, when the holocaust ended, Jack found himself to start a new life in america. The conditions at the concentration camp were dreadful. The prisoners ate really thin soup, they ate saw dust bread, and they had really light clothing during the harsh winter conditions. Facts: The guards from the camps put the prisoners in these gas chambers filled with toxic gas. And Jack almost got into one. Summary: "God have us the power to be good or evil. This is our choice. Because some pick evil, we must work together to recognize and stop it". I chose this quote because its the overall message of what hitler did during the holocaust I chose this quote from the book because its the overall message of the holocaust and how Hitler chose to be an evil person. A disease spread by a bug went viral throughout the camps called typhus. Jack caught the disease but survived (concentration camp) The guards used industrial plants to kill some of the prisoners.
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