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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Class of 2019Gulf Shores High School Graphic design and Photography University of Mobile Major in Psychology and social science Side job: Missionary and Psychology Annual Salary Floridia5,060-26,290 Graphic design450-1,490 Missionary2,370-17,970 Psychology Georgia5,060-26,290 Graphic design190-340 Missionary2,370-17,970 Psychology California $49,880-71,520 Graphic Design$35,150-$42,570 Missionary$73,390-$102,990 Psychology Florida$44,060-$49,480 Graphic Design$29,200-$31,690 Missionary$68,110-$71,950 Psychology California5,060-26,290 Graphic design450-1,490 Missionary2,370-17,970 Psychology Georgia$49,880-71,520 Graphic Design$35,150-$42,570 Missionary$62,490-$67,380 Psychology Career Area Options Major in Visual Arts Bachelors degree in Theology Average Cost of living CaliforniaHouseing- $1,259Food-$240Medical-$144Trans.-$285Other-$101Taxes-$3,258TOTAL~$5,287 GeorgiaHouseing-$757Food-$242Medical-$128Trans.-$318Other-$89Taxes-$2,108TOTAL~$3,642 FloridaHouseing-$687Food-$242Medical-$135Trans.-$315Other-$79Taxes-$2,683TOTAL~$4,141 Best location MissionaryGeorgia is the most effecaint area for the Job of a missionary PsychologyCalifornia is the most efficient area for the job of a Psychologist Graphic Design & PhotographyGeorgia is the most efficient Area for the job of graphic designer and photographer
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