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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The red planet is home to both the highest mountain and the deepest, longest valley in the solar system. Olympus Mons is roughly 17 miles (27 kilometers) high, about three times as tall as Mount Everest, while the Valles Marineris system of valleys named after the Mariner 9 probe that discovered it in 1971 can go as deep as 6 miles (10 km) and runs east-west for roughly 2,500 miles (4,000 km), about one-fifth of the distance around Mars and close to the width of Australia or the distance from Philadelphia to San Diego. MARS EARTH vs. DANIEL SLOW Planets Distance from Sun 2,106 miles 3,959 miles Temperature (F) Size of Planet Earth SUN -80F Mars EARTH *resources - Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere, having surface features reminiscent both of the impact craters of the Moon and the volcanoes, valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps of Earth. The rotational period and seasonal cycles of Mars are likewise similar to those of Earth, as is the tilt that produces the seasons. 61F EARTH MARS Tennis Ball Golf Ball 2.5 Inches 1.68 Inches Mars Objects Earth Mars Earth is 92,956,050 miles from the Sun. Mars is 141,633,260 miles from the Sun If Earth was a meter away from the Sun, Mars would just be under 2 meters from the Sun. Mars is much colder than Earth, in large part due to its greater distance from the sun.The average temperature is about minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 60 degrees Celsius), although they can vary from minus 195 F (minus 125 C) near the poles during the winter to as much as 70 F (20 C) at midday near the equator.. Fun Fact
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