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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 51% said "failure to understandtheir goals and objectives" COMMUNICATION 44% said "failure to promptlyreturn their phone calls" 72% said "failure to communicateon a regular basis" advisors, it falls on deaf ears. What's the Number One factor influencing how much a clienttrusts a company? Know Your Clients' Expectations BUSINESS is Your SPEAK UP! their advisor... When asked for reasons why a client would FIRE Use Technology Be Accessible Q: Q: A: A: SERVICE CUSTOMER Sources: STAY COMPETITIVE Schedule days on your calendarto reach out to clientsand KEEP YOUR WORD! A growing number of High-Net-Worth Individuals are willing to meet withtheir advisor via web conferencing. Meeting virtually can help you Be Convenient Hurting So eMoney Advisor created this handy inforgraphic to improve your communication efforts and increase your retention rates. Give your clients the option of contacting you though textmessages and social media matters to your clients, but for some The Silent Treatment What's an acceptable time frame for an advisor to return a phone call or email? THE NEXT DAY Get Back in the Game!
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