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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cause:-Poor familylife when young*Protected newfamily*Treated team likefamily*Protected team Cause:-Obeyed Authority figures *Never trulyhad any*Respectedones he got*Therefore hedidn't get in trouble*stayed on team Cause:-Could defendhimself*On the field,block anyone inthe way Effect:Oher becamean NFL Player The Blind SideBy Michael Lewis double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Cause:-Large*No one canknock Michael down Cause:-Family adoptedMichael*Helped himthrough school*Helped Big Mike thrive*Gave himshelter*Someone to trust Cause:-Tutor*Kept himeligible* Helped Oherget exceptedto college*Never wouldhave made itto college I chose this quote from Michael Oher because it represents him and his life.He overcame his low intelligence and opened his options for colleges and he didn't feel like he even mattered when he was younger. In this quote he is saying that everyone one is important and everyone matters to the world nomatter who you are. The book The Blind Side by Michael Lewis describes the life of Michael Oherfrom when he was younger and grew up in poverty until he overcame his lowintelligence and graduated from high school to play football in college and the NFL. Michael was found one day by a family and was taken in as their new child. The family sent him to school where he started to play football. After lots of tutoringMichael was able to graduate college with a GPA able to get into a good college.After playing football at Ole Miss he was drafted to the Ravens in the 2009 NFL draft .
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