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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Black Hole: A Paradox in Time What is the event horizon?The event horizon is a boundary around a black hole on and within which no matter or light can escape What is an event horizon? An event horizon is a boundary around black hole that allows no matter or light to escapeWhat is an event horizon? What is an event horizon?An event horizon is a boundary surrounding a black hole that allows no light to escape. Black Holes:A Paradox In Time What is inside a black hole?In the center of a black hole, there is infinite density, but no volume.Some even believe there is no center What is a black hole?A black hole is the cold remnants of former stars, so dense, light cannot escape. What is an event horizon?An event horizon is aboundary surrounding a black holethat allows no light or matter to escape What is the firewall theory?This theory states that when you enter a black hole, you will burnedto a crisp because of a "firewall", according to Stephen Hawking. It is a paradox because the firewall should have more gravitational pull, but doesn't What would happen if you fell into a black hole?Obviously, you would die, but how?One theory suggests you would bestretched to death.Another suggests you will go intoa wormhole! One is called thefirewall paradox, which you can learnabout there! Could a black hole swallow the solar system?Astronomers have recently met totalk about a black hole that has 6.6billion times the amount of mass the sun has. Even though it is 50million light years away accordingto, it has a strongenough gravitational pull to get to us. How do black holes form?The way these holes formcomes from Einstein's relativity theory.It states that once a huge star dies, it leaves behind a small remnant core. If the star's core has a greater massthan the sun, its power of gravity overpowers all other forces and forms a black hole. Where is the nearest blackhole?The nearest black hole is 27,000light years away. Except for the 12billion mass size of the one we recently talked about, we're safe. How big are black holes?There are three classes of black holes. The first class of black holes can be as small asan atom, to as big as Earth. Next,there are stellar black holes, which can be the size of half the the sunto the whole sun. Finally, there aresupermassive, which can be 3x the size ofthe sun to 20x!!!! What are worm holes?Worm holes are areasof energy that create tunnelsthrough space time.In other words, you would be ableto travel faster than light.
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