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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wrongful Convictions1940's to the Present Anthony Dansberry(1992 - 2015) Situation- 77 year old woman was a victim of a purse snatching- Later died from her injuries in the event Arrested- Anonymous tip (random selection)- Does not know how to read- Police said he could leave after signing release forms- He was tricked into signing a confession letter- Sentenced to 75 years in prison Things Don't Add Up- Four white men had chosen at random out of 4 black men- Fingerprints did not match the ones found at the crime scene- Released from prison January 12, 2015 under wrongful conviction Facts about Wrongful Convictions Factors Contributing to Wrongful Convictions- Eyewitness Misidentification- Improper Forensic Science- False Confessions- Ineffective Legal Counsel Typical Crimes- Murder- Attempted Murder- Rape- Abduction- Robbery Time Served Before Exoneration- Less than one year = 26%- 1 to 5 Years = 16%- 5 to 10 Years = 5%- 11 to 20 Years = 37%- 21 plus years = 16 % Gustav Jensen1948-1951 Background- Swedish immigrant- Doesn't speak understandable English- Found a bundle of clothes that had been stolenand planned to return them to authorities- Arrested for stealing Trial- Wrongfully convicted of stealingConfused during trial due to a lack of English- No counsel was assigned to him prior to his case- Begged to be tried before the Scandinavian Counsel- Given a seven year sentence Trials Death Penalty- 77% of defendants executed for death of white victim- Blacks make up 50% plus of homocide victims Leaders in Wrongful Convictions- Texas- New York- Illinois- North Carolina- Mississippi Juries (1940's - 1953)- Norris vs. Alabama - Supreme Court Case - African Americans may not be excluded from jury service - All white juries are still in commonplace Texas and Tokenism- Allowed one African American in every jury- Tokenism = practice of doing something to prevent criticism and give a false appearance of equality
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