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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Research and development phasewith Sheffield University. Priorities emerge: falls and mental health. ACT project fundsanother 12 care home programmes in the Sheffield area. 2008 2006 First pilots of Balanced Livesprogrammes delivered in Sheffieldunder the Sheffcare banner. Focus = falls 2009 Programmes commissionedby Sheffield City Council for 4resource centres in the city. Following evaluations, we addedthe 'social impact-senses framework'side of the programme and preventative health aspects 2010 2011 Community Interest CompanyFounded 2013 People's Health Trust ask us to front a national retailposter campaign in Tescoand WH Smith 2012 Action For Elders Trust is formed. People's Million Winner Funding awarded from People'sHealth Trust for 8 programmesin Hereford, Bristol, Cambridgeand Swansea. A History 2015 2014 New programmes set up in Swanseaand Barry. New care home pilot inMid Wales launched. Programmes still running in Barry,Hereford, Swansea and Mid Wales. Beneficiariesto date 40 200 245 415 455 535 Care homes report an improvementin mobility and a reduction in falls. Results encouraging. XXXX All programmes end followingcutbacks at Sheffield City Council. Care home pilot programmelaunched in Cambridge. Shine PR undertakes profileraising on a pro-bono basis. Twitter account reaches1000 followers. Evaluations show that we are reducingphysical pain for our participants.
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