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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1974 1975 1989 1971 Invasion ofthe Rabbit. The Pervarding Animalstarts Trojan Era. Elk Cloner hitsthe Apple II systems.The first large-scalecomputer virusoutbreak in history. Creeper invadedARPANET. SHORT HISTORY OF COMPUTER VIRUSES 1971 - 2014 1986 The Brain bootsector virusis released. Vienna virus,Lehigh virus,Jerusalem virus,SCA virus,Christmas Tree EXECvirus. 1988 Morris wormspreads extensively"in the wild"exploiting bufferoverrun vulnerabilities. Ghostball,the firstmultipartite virus,is discovered. Mark Washburnand Ralf Burgerdevelop the firstpolymorphicviruse calledChameleon. 1990 The Michelangelo viruswas expectedto create a digitalapocalypse. OneHalf is aDOS-basedpolymorphiccomputer virus. 1994 The first Macro virus,called "Concept",is created. "Ply" DOS 16-bitbased complicatedpolymorphicvirus appeared. 1996 The first versionof the CIHvirus appears.It is the firstknown virusable to eraseflash ROM BIOScontent. 1998 Happy99 worm,Melissa worm,ExploreZip worm,Kak worm targetMicrosoft Word andOutlook-basedsystems. 1999 1995 1/2 1992 ILOVEYOU wormUsing socialengineeringtechniques, it isconsidered to beone of the mostdamaging worm ever. 2000 Sadmind worm,Sircam worm,Code Red worm,Nimda worm,Klez worm. 2001 The Simile virusis a metamorphiccomputer viruswritten in assembly. 2002 The SQL Slammer wormbecomes the fastestspreading wormof all time.SQL Slammer, Sobigand Blaster had been usedin attempt to createlarge-scale Botnet. 2003 MyDoom worm is the fastest spreadingmass mailer worm.Witty worm is thefastest disclosureto worm andthe first internetworm to carry adestructive payload. 2004 Zotob wormand Zlob Trojan. 2005 OSX/Leap-A orOSX/Oompa-A is thefirst ever malware for Mac OS. 2006 Storm Worm createsone of the largestbotnets in history.Zeus Trojan isreleased. 2007 Mocmex is the first serious computerviruson a digitalphoto frame.Koobface targets users of Facebookand Myspace. 2008 W32.Dozer attackhits U.S.A. and South Korea. 2009 Stuxnet Trojanis the first to attackSCADA systems.SMS.AndroidOS.Fakeplayeris the first malwarefor Android. 2010 Android.NikiBotmoves botnets on mobile devices. 2011 Shamoon is a virusdesigned to targetcomputers running in the energy sector.Flame is being usedfor targeted cyberespionage in Middle East. 2012 The CryptoLocker Trojanhorse is discovered.Gameover ZeuS Trojanis discovered. 2013 The Regin Trojanhorse is discovered. 2014 1981 1987
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