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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 20B Water Usage Antioquia 15% Valle 23% Tolima 4% Otrosdepartamentos23% Antioquia 15% Risaralda 5% Valle 23% 130 131 215 259 29 14,9% 85,1% When comparing the water footprint of Australia with that of China and Colombia,I noticed a few things. Colombia had over double the population of Australia in 2014, and yet Australia's water footprint almost double that of Colombia. Shouldn't Colombiahave a bigger water footprint? The reason Australia's water footprint is because Australia is wealthier and is more fortunate when it comes to water and privileges. Some ways I can reduce water in my family household could be when using the toilet, half flush and only full flush when necessary is to be done. Another way could be to use 'quick wash' cycle on the washing machine and dish washer to reduce water waste. Installing water saving devices on shower heads, and tap fittings, as well as a shower timer to restrict water waste. Anotherway could be placing a bucket under the shower whilethe water heats up, and have water tanks to catch rainthat can be used for multiple purposes. Photographic Evidence Who uses more water? Do the men of the household use more water than the female?We have even amounts on both sides, so no disadvantage whatsoever. 0 20 40 60 80 100 January February March April May June July 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 Colombia Australia China Water Footprint in Other Countries Water Usage Daily CHINA COLOMBIA AUSTRALIA How Much Water Does my Household Use? Water Usage in Countries In a single day the total amount of volume used in my household is 283.2 litres. That means that my family uses 103368 litres in a year. I asked all my family members to put a dash on a daily piece of paper, so Icould find out just how much water isbeing used. When I entered the information into the table the amount automatically came up. The activity that used the least amount of water was drinking a 500ml bottle of water, and the activity that required the most water to be used was to have a 5 minute shower. I got all my information from my parents and brother recording every water use. How can I Reduce my Family Water Footprint | double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Differences Similarities -Size of water footprint-Size of country -Population-Conditions (eg. water, homing) -Literacy rate of china & Australia-Literacy rate of Colombia and Australia-Similar life expectancy -All have a too big or too small water footprint for population size How Much Water will I Save? If you use half flush when using the toilet and only using full flush if necessary, you would save about 40 litres of water, If you kept a time limit on showers you would save about 100 litres on your shower, that is if you cut down to a maximum of 5 mins per shower. How Much Money will I Save? Sydney Water is charging $2.232 per kilo litre (1000 litres). If you are saving around After adding up all the litres of water you will save, I multiplied it by 365, the amount of days in a year. From there I divided it by 1000, the amount of litres in a kilo-litre. From there I got the number 613.73. After that I rounded the cost of water on the Sydney Water website, which was $2.232, to $2. After that I multiplied 613.73 by $2 and got $613730. This is the amount you will save.
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