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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My waterfootprint Mia's Infographic Australia's waterfoootprint and Brazil's double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. how to reduce your waterfootprint My Waterfootprint I spent one Sunday trying to work out how much water my family use in one whole day on average. Some of the ways i worked out how much water i used was by filling up 1.25L bottles then i counted how many bottles i used. To work out how much water i used in my shower i put the plug in and scooped all the water out and filled 1.25L bottled and again counted how many bottles i used. To work out how much water was used for brushing teeth and washing hands i used a measuring cup. Overall my family used 66150 mL of water in that one day. Australia's waterfootprint compared to Brazil's I found out what the average waterfootprint was for Australia, it was 2315cubic m per person. The i worked out what Brazil's average waterfootprint was, it was 2027cubic m per person. Then i compered both of them and Australia's average waterfootprint was bigger by 288cubic m per person. Australia's average waterfootprint was 14.4% more than Brazil's. How to reduce your water footprint Australia has a high waterfootprint , so we need to try to make it less. Ways to reduce your waterfootprint are, turn the tap off when brushing your teeth. Make sure you only buy things you need and not things you are likely to throw away. Only use water when you need it because if you do you save alot of water. If you do thease things you are one step closer to reducing your waterfootprint, Australia has a big waterfootprint and we need to try and make it smaller. Ways of reducing your waterfootprint is when brushing your teeth turn the tap off. Only buy thing you need, not things you are most likely to throw away. Only wash you hands when you need to. If you do these things you will be one step closer to reducing you waterfootprint. So try and reduce your waterfootprint today
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