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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Japanese Imperialism The HJs. Hitlers Youth Section One: Pre Japanese Imperialism Thesis Statement Japan had been an isolated nation for much of its history until the United States and manyEuropean nations forced many unfair treatieson Japan during the early 1860's. Through the Meiji era Japan worked its way through an Industrialization period, and became an imperial power. Section Two; Meiji Era Before Japan became an imperial powers the nation was a feudal society. Taxes were based on agriculture and there was a large peasant class. Japan for the mostpart had been an isolated nation until in the early 1860's the United States and manyEuropean nations took advantage of Japanby enforcing many unfair treaties on them. The Japanese realized they must modernize. Once Japan realized the need for Industrialization a period calledthe Meiji Era began. The Meiji Erais best described as the era whenJapan went from a feudal societyto its more modern form. This era lasted from around 1868-1912. TheMeiji Era saw the industrialization of Japan and is considered the first part of the Japanese Imperial Empire. During the Meiji Era Japan becamean Imperial world power. This included Japan taking over manyother nations in order to obtainnatural resources. In the imperialtime frame Japan had wars with China and Russia, and took over, countries such as Manchuria, China,and many other island chains inthe pacific. Section Three;Imperial Japan Conclusion:Although Japan started off slower than the United States and manyEuropean nations once Japan became a modernized nation they immediately became an Imperial Power. Japan's Imperial motivationseemed to mainly come from the nations lack of natural resources and the need for those resources to fuel the industrial machine thatthe nation had created. For awhile this worked out great for Japanbut Japan's Imperial Empire ultimatley lead to the war in the pacific during World War 2. Propaganda Movie -
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