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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Classical Argument Tolumin Argument Rogerian Argument The toulmin argument was created by Stephen Edelston Toulmin. This type of argument came into affect late 1900s and early 2000s. The prupose was to bring in logic within arguments to create connection with the audience for the argument. Six categories withinthe Toulmin Argument;claim, data,warrant,backing,modality,and rebuttal. Classical argument came in aroundthe end of the 19th century. Came from ancient Greek and Romans.Focusedon taking an ethos appeal to arguments.Bringing more of public and moral concepts within an argument. This structure of an argument focuses on the relationship of the audience and writer.It makes an argument a growingrelationship for the reader.Using evidenceto build the connection then present the writers position. The Rogerian argument is more modern typeof argumentation. It focuses on the shared valuesof the audience then catches the argument within the relationship built. This arugment has a process of three mainsteps. The writer takes a position, a summaryof alternating views, and then a conclusion. Claim: smoking should be made illegal.Grounds: Smoking causes cancer.Warrant: Cancer can lead to death Children should have to take an extra activity outside of school. Although, some may say they already are busy enough with school andthat is understanding, talents important also. Therefore,nourishing talent within another source outside of schoolis important. I unerstand the difficulties find food forafter school children. I have a source thatmay be able to help. I know it's costly but; its important to help those in need.
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