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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Scramble for Africa European colonialism and imperialism had postive and negative on the economy, political systems, and social sytems of Africa. Economic effects:Negative: The amount of gold, ivory, diamonds, and rubber led to an European interest in Africa. As Europeans began to set up their own industries, established African ones began to fail because of the new competition. This left many without jobs and many africans were forced into European wage labor because of it. Positives: Created structure of Capitalism. Created new opportunities and market goods for some. Created the need for railraods and proper transportation. Political effects:Negative:Europeans thought they had the right to alter existing political states. They split up kingdoms and tribes leading to complete chaos with the setting of boundaries. The impacts of colonialism untimately led to numerous revolts in Africa. Postives: Centralized goverment in colonies allowed for control over economy which in turn helped some people. It created jobs and also abolished slavery in Europe's colonies. Social Systems:Negatives: New European industries left many landless and out of work. New territorial boundaries broke up ethic groups and social systems of established societies. Positives:Europe's influence in Africa brought western education and technology into Africa. Which helped many discover new opportunities . They also helped abolish the running slave societies in Africa.
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