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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PLP Task 1 2k15 Personal Goals Talk to my mum about buying healthier food for me Make a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack for myself everyday Follow a diet/meal plan Save my money Create a savings account Be smart with my money Have a chat with mum about my goal and go grocery shopping with her to see and pick out what I would be willing to try. Make breakfasts that are light, but full of protein to keep me energetic until recess. Lunches could be healthy wraps, sandwichesor even left over dinner (healthy) from the night before Check on the internet for different meal plans and chose what one is right for me. Stop spending money on food from the decafe If I need money for the decafe, ask my parents that morning or chose one day a week where I will buy food myself Split my pay in half and send half to an account that I don't have a card for, and the other half to an account I can access By Rainey Towell Eat Healthier When shopping, don't go crazy with sales and other purchases. Attempt to stay under the $100 mark when shopping. But you should always have a day when you can treat yourself Long Term Short Term Go Travelling Talk to my parents Start saving money Research Use the internet to see the cheapest and most remote places, but alsoresearch a wide variety of places to broaden my decision. It could be anywhere from a remote village in Fiji to a busy city like New York. Travelling requires a lot of money,and by starting to save a little bit from work each month, I will be prepared enough by the time I want to start travelling. Tell my parents about my decision and ask about places they would recommend or have been to. Hear their thoughts and listen to their opinions on the matter.
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