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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Trophy Skull On The Mantlepiece To simply answer the title; no, Australia is not. Many non-indigenous Australians may feel that we are but the truth is we are far from it. Too really begin too understand unintentional racism based off stereotypes a great starter book is Riding the black cockatoo by John Danalis. In this true story John tells hisversion of events that began too unfold whenhe blurted out at a lecture that he grew up with an Aboriginal skull on his mantle piece. Tara looked as though hed just jumped off the two-dollar coin." Throughout the book John describes how his opinion and view of aboriginals Australians changes through his journey of returning Mary. He begins by telling us about how his father and other family members enforced negative stereotypes on him about Australias Indigenous community; this included crude, disrespectful and downright racist jokes and slurs. Some of these jokes go as What do you call three blackfellas in a prison cell? A mobile. Throughout his childhood he explains how the only media coverage he was ever exposed to in regards to Aboriginal culture was watching Tara in his involvement in Skippy the Kangaroo, a hit television show that took Australia by storm in the late 60s to early 70s. In the 21st century Australias media presents Indigenous culture in a better light but still displays them in a stereotypical manner.
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