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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Macy's mom work in a job to build and design houses. She has a caterer come down to the open house.When there was a loud noise. She goes into the kitchen to seewhats wrong and thats where she meets Wes, Bert, Becky, Delia, and kristy Over time when she and Wes would talk with each other. They slowlyfell in love with each other. It was obvious to everyone even to WesThe only one who didn't see itwas Macy. She and kristy becomefriends. Macy's boyfrienddumps her because she saidshe loved him. Her and Wes become good friends. Macy's mom becomes stressed and always wants Macy to be perfect. Then Macy and Wes got intoa fight and she tells himher and jason are getting back together.Then at her moms party Kristy tells Macy how wes felt. Macy nows tries to fix what happen. Wes shows up at the partythen leaves. Macy's mom finds out about her new friends and wants her to never see them again because before she met everyonesee was this perfect girl but since she met the family she changed. She quit her job at the library. When Macy was little she and her father would go running with her father and one day her father can in to wakeher up to go running but Macy didn't want to. Then Five minutes later she wanted to go. So when she went she found her father dead on the sidewalk. The truth about forever Macy ends up chasing after WesShe tries to fix it But she ends up kissing him. Macys sister endsup fixing her dads old beach houseand she anther family go there one weekends.Sometimes she ends up bring Wes and theycontinue the game of truth.
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