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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Alice In Wonderland New Life Call to adventure Assistance Departure Trials Approch Cabri Immerse When Alice is called to adventure, she is at her wedding. She sees a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and carrying a pocket watch and chases him to a hole in the ground.As she peers in, she falls in the hole. Practice Role Play Which? Sit Research Resovle Crisis Treasure Return Alice gets help from The White Queen, The Mad Hatter and many more of her friends. The Mad Hatter hid her from the Red Queen when she I looking for her. She also gets help from the White Queen when it is time to fight the Jabberwocky. After the Red Queen's guards left, the Mad Hatter had her fly on his hat to the other side of the forest.She arrived at the Red Queen's castle and freed Bayard, The Dog. He helped her find the White Queen's Castle. As Alice and Her friends were talking, they were attacked by the Bandersnath and some of the Red Queen's soldiers, which captured the White Rabbit and the Dodo bird. The Knave tells the Red Queen that Alice is back and commands the soldiers and Bayard to capture Alice. The Mad Hatter saves Alice from being captured by the Red Queen by letting himself be captured instead. When it was Frabjous Day, The Red Queen and the White Queen gathered their armies on a chess board battle field. They each sent out their chosen warriors. As Alice and the Jabberwocky are fighting, the armies are battling below. After Alice slays the Jabberwocky, the White Queen gives Alice a bottle of Jabberwocky's blood to help her to return home. After Alice defeats the Jabberwocky, all of the Red Queen's soldiers turn againt her and the White Queen rules Underland again. Alice returns to home and declines Haymish's marriage proposal. Later she peruses her Father's dream.
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