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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HeForShe This cause supports gender equality 223,651 men involved Economic Participation the belief that men & womenshould have equal rights femenism Edmund Burke "All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for good men & women to do nothing" 1997 Hillary Clinton gave a speech about womens rights gap closed by 4% since 2006 30% of the audience were male 30 years men have a similar issue women's forced labor dropped 57%-55% no country has achieved gender equality freedom is what HeForShe is about imprison them stereotypes change can happen for men women will be free as a natural consequence suicide biggest killer of men ages 20-49 in the UK If we do nothing: It won't be until 2086 before all rural African girls can have a secondary education It will take 81+ for the gender gap in economic participation to close It will take 75-100 years until women are payedthe same as men 15.5 million girls will marryas children in the next 16 years payment marriage People should support HeForShe because they work hard to spread awareness and spark action against gender inequalities, they try to empower women and get them equal rights, and they recognize the fact that men are imprisoned by stereotypes too and try to get them to participate sources: youtube-Emma Watson UN speech MDG's MDG stands for Millennium Development Goals.They are goals set by the United Nation that they want to accomplish in a certain amount of time. Some examples are; eradicate hunger and poverty, improve maternal death, and achieve universal primary education. HeForShe helps the goal that promotes gender equality and empowers women. Cool Facts 1. In 4 months, HeForShe was the subject of over 1.2 billion social media sites 2. Hundreds of thousands of people joined HeForShe on September 20,2014 after Emma Watson gave a speech Why it's important Our whole world would benefit socially, politically, and economically from gender equality. It's also about human rights. Everybody deserves their own chanceat life with no one keeping them from achieving what they think they can achieve 3. Women make up only 21.9% of Parliamentarian seats and only 8% of world's executives
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