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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bear A bear market describes a market thatappears to be in a long-term decline.Bear markets tend todevelop when the economy enters a recession, unemployment is high, and inflation is rising. Investors lose faith in the market as a whole, which in turn decreases the demand for stocks. Bull and Bear Markets This graph of the google stock shows that it is currently a bull marketbecause a market is a bull or bear this is a bull because the market is going up. Bull and Bear markets are just expressionsused for explainingstocks This graph shows what happens when the stock is going up (bull market).It also shows when the graph is going down (bear market). A bull market is when the market appears to be in a long-term climb. Bull markets tend to developwhen the economy is strong, the unemployment rate is low, and inflation is under control. Bull 1.Large amounts of money2.Decresing rates3.Low inflation rate4.Gradual growth5.Strong economy6. Low unemployment rate Causes of bear markets Causes of bull markets 1.Tight Money2.Rising Rates3.High Inflation4.Rapid Growth5.Over Valuation6.Investors loose faith There is no perfect way to label a bull or bear market. It is easier to look back on previous time frames and clearly describe whether they are positive or negative by looking at the past peaks and bottoms - because the present market isn't as clear. So, because the answer to this question depends on whom you ask and what time frame you give, we can't say that there is ever a "correct" answer to this question. 2014 was estimated to be a equal mixture of both bulland bear markets creating a flat line on charts/ graphs An example of a bear market is. Puma Biotechnology Inc.They have been on a steady rise for almost two months now. We own this stock in the stock market game and have made a total of 429.09 dollers. Which helps to support that this market is a bull market Bull An example of a bear market is UPS. UPS has been on the down slope for a long time now.We have owned this stock in the stock market game for a period of time and continue to lose money on it Bear (personal expirince) (personal expirince)
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