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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Political Parties A History of Federalists Followers of Hamilton, were supporters of the new Constitution More than half of all House Democratswere elected in districtsthat voted for Republican George Bush as president. 1896 Democratic Convention Nut Tree Closes During this time, a differentrealignment occurred. Economics rather than slaverywas the issue. 1790 Founded The followers of Jefferson created thefirst organized political party in American history. They called themselves Republicans. 1988 1824 1832 Georgia, the Carolinas, and the rest of the Old South had become so heavily Democraticthat the Republican party in many areas ceased to exist. Emerged System A second party system emerged with Andrew Jackson's first run for presidency and lasted until the Civil War became inevitable. 1880 The Democrats held a conventionthat ratified Jackson's nomination for reelection and picked Martin Van Buren as his running mate. Cease to Exist Party Decline 1996 Realignment Reform Party 1957 The Premium Outlets stands as one of the greatest retail hot spotsin all of California. Not only do the outlets bring hundreds of thousands of visitors from California, but they also serve as a populardestination for national and international shoppers as well. 1992 &1996 The Nut Tree ceased operations in 1996 due to financial problemsbrought on by increased competition and changing consumer tastes.It reopened its doors in 2009 and is now one of the premiershopping centers in Northern California. Birth of Fiesta Days Fiesta Days is a special tradition ofVacaville. The festival features a parade & beauty pageant, all while celebrating Western rodeo and Hispanic culture. 1988 Beginning of Outlet Era
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