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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Increase in first and second graders' scores in Impact Network schools: Administrators Impact Network uses a technology-based systemcalled eSchool 360 to integrate quality into the education students recieve. They provide a tablet and projectorfor the teacher to teach lessons with and kindle fires for kids to use. It is a very effective way to help the children learn.. Impact Network compared to Government Schools: 2. Progress Impact Network Has Made: Impact Network: Bringing Education to Zambia One of the eight Millennium Development Goals established in 2000 by the United Nations was to achieve universal primary education. An organization called Impact Network is working to bring learning to Zambia, Africa by getting more students in school, increasing the quality of the material students are learning, and making education less costly. "Over 400,000 (children in Zambia) are notenrolled in school, and another 500,000 childrenare enrolled in community schools with uncertified teachers and inadequateresources." -Impact Network's online FAQ page 1,700 4 Schools Built Students Enrolled 10 Teachers 30 1. You can give a child a chance at a bright future by donatingto Impact Network. Only threedollars can send a kid to school for a month.Make a difference. Cost Per Student $35.49 per year $131.61 per year Math: 75% Reading: 44% Sources used:
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