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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CHEETAHS CHEETAHS In around 1900, therewere more than 100,000cheetahs on Earth, but today there are only an estimated 9,000 cheetahs that are not confined to zoos or other places. Some of the cheetah'sbehaviors consist ofthe following:camouflaging in the Arican grass whenhunting, using scent when hunting instead of vision, and stalkingtheir prey before catchingit. They are also diurnaland they cannot roar. "While other big cats hunt at night,the cheetahs often hunt in the earlymorning and at dusk, suffocatingit's prey with a bite to the neck or nose." We are helping thecheetahs by setting upwildlife reserves,teaching farmers howto protect them,and passing laws thatprohibit huntingendangered animals. Cheetahs and leopards are often confused with eachother because they bothcome from the same habitat. The cheetah's diet consistsof the animals in their habitat such as: wildbeast calves, impalas, gazelles, and other small animals . As of right now,cheetahs are nowfound in small portions of Iranand southwestern,eastern, and middleparts of Africa. "Some of the chief threats tothe cheetah's existence are lossof habitat, poaching, hunting, and getting shot by livestock farmers." The cheetah can reach64 mph in less than a minute,but their speedcannot last that long,so they goin quick sprints. Cheetahs can mate at anytime of theyear, with a gestational period ofthree months. They generally havebetween two to four cubs in a litter.
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