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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 You think you are paying salaries...but here's a couple of other overhead costs you incur: The TRUE Cost of an In-House Employee Why you need a Virtual Assistant Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources The true cost of a N60,000/month staff is N110,000 when benefits, training and equipment is considered. Don't pay them to go on vacation too! Also consider how truly productive is your employee in aday/week/month Availability isn't the same as competency... The Resource Dilemma: Employ vs Outsource JUST Perceived Actual 15-22 Vacation Days4-6 Sick Days4-6 hrs/Day your staff is TRULY productive Are you making the best use of your time? - You could be focused on your business' core tasks.- Be more productive with your time by delegating lesser tasks to your Virtual Assistant.- Your hustle (small business) is overwhelming but you'd like to make it work. Make your Part-Time/Full-Time Side Hustle more productive by hiring a Virtual Assistant. Heres a list of the common types of tasks/activities we do on a daily basis for our hustlers; - Calendar/Schedule Management- eMail Management (Reply on Behalf-Of)- Personal Tasks (Scheduling appointments, Reservations, pick-ups and deliveries, subscription payments e.t.c)- Professional Interaction with Employees, Prospects, Clients, Partners, Vendors, e.t.c.- Travel Planning - Social Media Administration - Research Assistance, Data Gathering, e.t.c.- Gift Buying (Cards, Flowers, Notes)- Editing, Proofreading and transcribing 55% That's how much you save when you hire a Virtual Assistant! A Scalable Model One of the greatest things about hiring a virtual assistant is the ability to change the number of contracted hours as the size of your organisation grows. Its a perfect scenario for a growing business. Contact Info: +234 803 555 3875
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