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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Having confidence to take onand put in necessary effort tosucceed at challenging tasks. Entrepreneurial Personality Measure for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage OPTIMISM A significant relationship wasfound between the resiliencymeasured in PsyCap and theresilience measured inResilience Scale, r = .66,p (one-tailed) < .001 SELF-EFFICACY A significant relationship wasfound between optimism andoptimistic life orientation,r = .36, p (one-tailed) < .001 HOPE Persevering toward goals,and redirecting paths to goalsin order to succeed. The study utilised a Chinese sample of working adults (N=299) from a state-owned manufacturing enterprisein China to examine the relationships between Psychological Capital (hope, self-efficacy, optimism, resiliency)and other similar constructs. The initial workings of an Entrepreneurial Personality Measure (EPM) wereexplicated and a systemic framework proposed for EPM to be used in organisations for the development of anentrepreneurial and sustainable human competitive advantage. A significant relationship wastested positive between hope(willpower and pathways) andlearning orientation, r = .56,p (one-tailed) < .001 A significant relationship wasfound between self-efficacyand occupational self-efficacy,r = .61, p (one-tailed) < .001Self-efficacy was significantlycorrelated to hope, r = .51,and optimism, r = .56; likewisefor occupational self-efficacyto hope, r = .65, and optimism,r =.76 (all ps < .001) Intrapreneurs high in hopetend to concentrate onacquiring skills and increasingcompetence as they forecastobstacles to achieving goals.They engage in learning asan alternative way to reachthose goals. Significantly strong and positiverelationships between generaland occupational self-efficacywith optimism (positive belief)and hope (mobilisation ofgoal-directed energy tosuccessfully meet work goals)further augmented the inclusioncriteria of self-efficacy in EPM. RESILIENCY Making a positive attributionabout succeeding now andin the future. Intrapreneurs who have apositive attribution aboutsucceeding now and in thefuture (optimism) tend alsoto have a positive outcomeexpectancy or belief thatgood things will happen(optimistic life orientation). When beset by problemsand adversity, sustainingand bouncing back, evenbeyond to attain success. By breaking down resilienceinto a five-factor structure ofmeaningfulness, perseverance,self-reliance, aloneness andequanimity, it has made itpossible to examine howresiliency may be positivelyrelated to hope, self-efficacyand optimism. CULTURE 20 40 60 80 EPM for learning anddevelopment entrepreneurialand sustainablecompetitiveadvantage
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