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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] The RecordCreativity vs CommerceStart Up EntrepreneurshipThe Music IndustryStructureAn oligopoly- The Big 3Majors vs IndiesMarket sharesAlongside indies, manymajors also contain'subsidiaries'The Music IndustryThe Music Industry StructureThe Music IndustryChanges and DevelopmentsDirect audience-artist crowdfundingeg, Patreon, KickstarterThe Distribution of Money ArtistsImpact On UsThe question of authenticityOLIGConglomerates- [Music to facilitate hardware selling...]Supply Chain: > Composition> Production> Promotion> Distribution> Retailing The Music Industry Lecture Topics The Music Industry StructureMajors vs IndiesThe Distribution of MoneyThe RecordCreativity vs CommerceThe Impact On UsStart Up Entrepreneurship The Music Industry Structure Big 3 oligopolyConglomeratesMonolithic vs polylithic Changes Increasingly concentratedAquisitionsMergers Majors vs Indies Market shareSymbiotic RelationshipsSubsidiaries Money Distribution Full presentation: Digitalisation & an 'access-over-ownership' model The Record High fixed, low variableSupply chainFrith Creativity vs Commerce Adorno & H, 1972Adorno & B, 1991Hesmondhalgh, 2007Frith, 1992 The Record Value As ArtefactsAs TextsAs Commodiities Impact on Us As artistsAs audiencesDigitalisationGlobalisation Start Up Entrepreneurship Barriers to entryCrowdfundingPRS
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