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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 7. Cooling 2. Mashing 4. Lauter 3. Vorlauf 6. Whirlpool 5. Brew Kettle F 1. Milling malted barley We will mix the grains with hot water to create a porridge-like mixture. (approx. 1 hour. resting time is 45 mins) Bring to a boil. Add hops here! separate the wort from the grain. Leave the grain behind in the Lauter Tun and transfer the wort to the brew kettle Time for the whirlpool vessel (approx.15-20 min., rest time 15 min.). heavy grain and hops disappear & we end up with a relatively clear wort "Pitch"The Yeast! *We need a starch source, such as malted barley, to ferment our brew (convert into alcohol); and yeast produces the fermentation. Add hops for flavoring. Brewing in O'Fallon 2000 - 2015 BEGIN HERE Four basic ingredients: malted barley, yeast, water, and hops.* We end up with a WORT here Using two sets of rollers, augers, and water, our barley grain is now ready to brew Here, we re-circulate the liquid (wort) throughthe grain bed in the Mash Tun to clarify the wort. (approx. 15 mins) we are ready to add our hop soon! Hops contain bitter compounds that chemically bind to the wort in step 5. pump the wort through a heat exchanger to cool from boiling down to 50-75F 8. Fermentation 8. Fermentation Primary fermentation (4-5 days): the sugar from step 2 is converted to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Next, temp. drops & yeast falls outof the beer. Flavor of the beer develops here.(approx.10 days) 8. Fermentation 7. Cool 9. Filteration Clarify beer for a brilliant taste. Cheers!
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