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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The DARPA(1958); also knownas the defense advance researchproject agency. The american governmentwanted to secure its lead intechnology, and made a huge investment..... HISTORY OF THE INTERNET HISTORY OF THE INTERNET They needed to install a remote connection to the "main" computer, so they could work directly on it; is here when the TIME SHARING concept is born. The soviet union launched the sputnik 1. It was difficult to work with computers; because all the different flaws of the sistem. COLD WAR TIME SHARING: To share the processing powerof one computer with multiple users. 1957 CENTRAL OR INITIAL NETWORK: ARPANET(1966) The ARPANET network, was the way universities connected and controlled theircomputers, and its main function was to control how the information moves aroundor through the network. TCP TRASMITION CONTROL PROTOCOL verification of the file transfer The internet has a lot of different functions, and so, the ARPANET wasn't the only network that contributed; there were three more agencies and corporations that contributed to it. RAND NPL CYCLADES AMERICAN MILITARY NETWORK:America saw some missiles in Cuba, that could affect them and so,they developed a decentralized and distributed network; so in case they were attacked they didnt loose any information. COMMERCIAL NETWORK AT THE NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY IN ENGLANDPACKET SWITCHING:as there were a lot of users and a lot of information, sometimes there was "congestion" in the network; to avoid that, they decided to divide the informationas it is sent and then when it arrives its destination to rejoin them. Scientific network cyclades. FranceIt was focused in the connection between networks,so they worked on a way to improve it,; making it easier to transfer or send information from different computers; interconnecting the networks. So, the internet was born, and with it theIP INTERNET PROTOCOL:a standard that guarantees compatibility between networks.
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